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This guide is for you if it is your first time using cannabis wax. We will discuss what cannabis wax is and how to use it properly. Consuming concentrates is not necessarily tricky. However, it does require the right tools and careful dosing. Remember that wax concentrates are highly potent and should not be taken lightly.

What is Cannabis Wax?

Cannabis wax is a concentrate produced through the process of extraction. Wax makers usually use butane to dissolve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other potent compounds from the cannabis plant. The process separates the compounds from the plant material, which results in a potent THC concentrate with a waxy texture. Wax concentrates usually have an average of 80% THC, making them one of the highly potent products you can get from the cannabis market.

The waxy texture of the product is the reason for its name. It has an amber color that gives it almost the same appearance as earwax. It is easily moldable and can vary in terms of consistency. Hence, it is sometimes called honeycomb, sugar wax, or budder, depending on its characteristics. It is also often referred to as a dab because it is commonly used in dab rigs.

Wax is similar to shatter, another cannabis concentrate, but varies in texture. Shatter is produced using butane extraction, but it has a solid and glass-like texture. It easily breaks like glass once pierced by a dab tool, thus the name. While shatter is more solid, it is harder to dose than wax.

How Cannabis Wax is Made

Cannabis wax is not an easy DIY project. You have to be careful to do it in a controlled environment. Hence, this information is purposely for educational purposes only. Understand that using a solvent to extract cannabinoids from weed is not easy for amateurs. It can be extremely dangerous because it can result in fires and explosions.

Wax is made using butane hash oil (BHO). Therefore, it can be dangerous because the solvent is a dangerous liquefied gas and highly flammable. Professionals begin the extraction process in a lab. They use butane as a powerful solvent to separate the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from the cannabis plant matter. As soon as the compounds are extracted, the professionals purify the extract to remove the solvent and process it to create the desired texture.

The extraction and purification process of cannabis concentrates should be left only to professionals. The use of solvents to produce concentrates should never be done at home because it may cause unwanted accidents. It is considered illegal in many areas. If you are not a trained professional, it is best not to do this at home. If you want to smoke wax, buy your concentrates from a legal and authorized dispensary.

If you wish to learn to make marijuana concentrate, do it in a controlled and safe environment under the supervision of a trained professional. To make top-quality wax, you need high-quality cannabis flowers. While DIY methods involve cured cannabis flowers, nothing beats professionally made versions.

How to Consume Concentrates

The most common way to consume wax and other concentrates is to smoke them using a dab rig or oil rig. However, other viable options include utilizing a concentrate vape, dab pen, a nectar collector, or a knife dab. You can also add it to a joint or a bowl of flowers to enhance potency.

Let us discuss the different ways to consume cannabis wax. First of all, you should remember that concentrates are highly potent. They contain high levels of cannabinoids, which can easily produce potent effects. Therefore, starting with a low dose is crucial to avoid adverse side effects. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually as you gain more experience. As soon as you feel the excellent effects, you have achieved your ideal dose. Never over-consume concentrates because you may end up experiencing unpleasant effects.

Using a Dab Rig

Dab rigs, or oil rigs, are designed like marijuana bongs and other weed pipes. They resemble small bongs. However, they are explicitly designed to vaporize concentrates. Hence, they have a dab nail instead of a bowl.

You also need a dab nail, a tool, and a blow torch if you want to smoke your wax with a dab rig. You heat the dab nail with a blow torch to the desired temperature. If you want to produce gentle vapors of cannabis with purer flavors, heat the dab nail to a lower temperature. However, if you wish to produce hard-hitting vapors, get the dab nail to a higher temperature.

As soon as you achieve the desired temperature on your dab nail, scoop a small portion of wax using your dab tool and spread it on the heated nail. Inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece in your dab rig. You may also control the heat and air pressure on the nail by using a carb cap.

A very hot nail can produce harsh vapors. Sometimes, using a torch can result in inconsistent temperatures. You may get the dab nail too hot for your taste. Using an e-nail, a dab nail with electronic temperature control, you can avoid this dilemma. It provides consistent temperatures every time you dab.

The e-nail works similar to a torch but provides a more controlled temperature. Turn the en-nail on and heat the nail to your desired temperature. Once heated, scoop a portion of wax using a dab nail and spread it in the e-nail. Inhale the vapor through the dab rig mouthpiece and enjoy the effect.

Using a Concentrate Vape

You can find many vaporizers in the market specifically designed for smoking wax and other concentrates. They work the same way as any vaporizer, but they have a heating mechanism for concentrates instead of vape juice or dry herb. Hence, be sure to follow the precise instructions of the device.

Generally, concentrate vapes work by placing a small dab of wax inside the heating mechanism. Turn the device on to heat the dab and inhale the resulting vapor. Once again, never place too much concentrate on the device. Start with a small amount to prevent unpleasant side effects.

Using a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is another portable way to enjoy your cannabis wax. The device, also known as the dab straw or honey straw, is a small portable dab rig that looks like a straw. To use the nectar collector, you need a torch lighter and a serving dish. The dish often comes with the device.

The serving dish is heat resistant and serves as the container for the wax. Spread a good amount of wax on the dish and use the torch to heat the bottom tip of the nectar collector. Once you achieve the correct temperature, touch the heated tip to the wax on the dish and inhale the vapor.

Using a Knife Dab

The knife dab is not the best method to consume wax, but it comes in handy when you have a wax concentrate without any dab rig lying around. All you need are two knives and a plastic bottle. Use this method only if you have no other option available.

The first thing you need to do is find two butter knives and an empty plastic bottle. Cut the plastic bottle in half because you will be using the top half as a mouthpiece for the vapor. Heat the two knives until they are red hot. Add wax to one end of a hot knife and sandwich it with the other knife. As the heated wax emits vapor, inhale it using your makeshift empty bottle mouthpiece.

Add it to a Joint

Dabbing wax is not the only consumption method for the concentrate. You can enhance the potency of a joint by spreading a small amount of wax onto it. You can also use this method to ease your way into using concentrates. You can either add the wax on the outside or the inside of the joint.

If you want to add it inside the joint:

  1. Line it on the center of the rolling paper before adding the ground flower.
  2. Roll the joint as usual and light it up. If you want to add it on the outside of the joint, line it spirally onto the rolling paper.
  3. Be careful to use a small amount.

Adding the wax to the outer part of the joint is preferable for pre-rolls.

Adding it to A Bowl of Flowers

If you prefer to smoke a bowl of flowers instead of a joint, you can add the concentrate to enhance the potency of the flowers. First, pack the bowl with your favorite strain of cannabis. Add a good amount of wax on top of the bowl of flowers. Before you smoke the bowl, hold the torch away from the flowers for a few seconds to allow the wax to melt. Do not apply the heat directly. Allow the heat to melt the wax into the flowers to avoid burning the cannabinoids off. Enjoy your bowl of flowers as usual.

Final Thoughts on Wax Consumption

Dabbing wax is the most common consumption method for wax concentrate. However, you can also add it to a joint or bowl of flowers. Dabbing requires a dab rig, nail, and a butane torch. You may also use a more portable device, such as a vape pen, dab pen, or nectar collector.

If you are not a fan of vaping, dabbing, or smoking flowers, you may want to consume edibles made from wax. Yes, it is possible to infuse foods and beverages with concentrates if you do not have cannabis oils or tinctures. You can learn how to make edibles using wax using this guide.

Buy Potent Wax

As was mentioned earlier, it is not easy making wax on your own. Unless you are a trained professional, never attempt to use solvent extraction at home because it can be hazardous. If you are looking for potent wax products, we offer top-quality ones at CannaClear. Check out our THCP/CBC/Delta-8 Wax – 5 Grams – LIMITED RELEASE and our other potent concentrate available on our website.

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