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There are many methods of consuming cannabis products. Try ingestion if you are not into smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing potent cannabis extracts. THC distillate is a highly potent and versatile product. It is often used in vape carts or dabbed directly. However, it can also be eaten.

Inhaling cannabis vapor or smoke is not for everyone. If you quit smoking or dislike consuming products through your lungs, you should consider eating THC products instead. THC distillate does not have any particular taste, but you can make it more palatable by turning it into edibles.

THC-infused foods and beverages are pretty popular among cannabis enthusiasts. First of all, edibles are discreet. You can consume them any time of the day without getting too much attention. Second, you will not reek of weed smell after ingesting them. Third, they are easy to make at home.

What is THC distillate in the first place, and how do you consume it? Let us dive into more detail.

What Is THC Distillate?

THC distillate is a highly concentrated THC product derived from cannabis plant extracts. It results from a distillation process that separates the prominent cannabinoid from the rest of the other cannabis compounds, including terpenes. Manufacturers have utilized distillation for many years to produce high-proof consumable alcohol. Today, it is also applied to produce highly concentrated cannabis products, such as THC, CBD, THCV, etc.

Professional lab technicians make THC distillate through fractional distillation of cannabis extracts. The process uses heat and pressure to isolate the main cannabinoid from the extract. The terpenes and other cannabinoids are either evaporated or isolated into other compartments. The end product is a potent form of THC that can reach a purity of 99%.

The THC distillate is a thick and viscous oil-like liquid that can range from amber to clear color. Manufacturers use a highly versatile cannabis product to make edibles, vape juice, terpene-infused concentrates, and the like. You may add it to your bowl of flowers, dab rigs, or joints to increase the potency of the weed. However, is it possible to eat THC directly?

It depends on what kind of distillate you have. You may have it in a vape cart, which may contain other ingredients that are not suitable for direct ingestion. However, if you buy pure THC distillate placed in distillate syringes or any other container, then there are ways you can ingest it without any issues.

Is THC Distillate Edible?

Pure THC distillate is edible. You can ingest it directly, but remember that just a little bit of it can have a potent effect. You only need just a tiny amount of it to make potent edibles. Fortunately, adding distillate to edibles will have little or no effect on the taste and aroma of the finished products.

Many commercial cannabis product manufacturers use distillate because it is easy to determine the dosage. Using 99% THC is more straightforward than using a cannabis extract containing 70% THC and 30% other compounds, especially when developing dose-specific products. You may use it sublingually, but you must exercise caution because even a tiny amount can induce a strong high.

THC distillate may look like ordinary cannabis oil. Hence, it is essential to label its container to avoid mistaking it for a less potent cannabis product. This liquid gold can deliver strong mind-altering effects. Therefore, you should never leave it lying around as some people may mistake it for something else.

How To Consume THC Distillate

You can smoke distillate using a dab rig or a vaporizer. However, there are other ways to consume the product without involving the lungs. Smoking or dabbing is not always the most convenient way to consume cannabis. You have to abide by local anti-smoking laws if you are outside your house. The best solution is to eat it. Here are some options you can use.

Infuse it into Beverages | Shop Bulk Delta-8 THC, Bulk HHC and other hemp products online

The fastest way to enjoy your cannabis distillate is to infuse it into your morning coffee or tea. As soon as you wake up and get out of bed in the morning, take a distillate syringe and fill your hot beverage with just the right distillate. Stir the beverage well and enjoy.

THC or CBD distillate would have already been decarboxylated during the distillation process. Hence, the cannabinoid has been activated and is ready to provide the desired effects. There is no need for further processing. All you need to do is mix it with your beverage and enjoy it right away.

Be careful with dosing because cannabis distillates contain 99% of pure THC or CBD. If you are not aware of your ideal dose yet, start with the lowest dose possible and gradually increase it until you find your perfect dose. Do not attempt to start with a high dose. You may experience adverse side effects.

Make Your Own THC Edibles

If you have a knack for baking or making tasty food, why not try making your cannabis-infused edibles. First of all, you need top-quality THC distillate that contains 99% THC. Always buy from a reputable online dispensary to ensure that you get a highly potent product.

Making cannabis edibles is an easy task. You need to have a quality cannabis distillate, butter, a bowl of hot water, and a tasty recipe. First of all, make canna-butter by mixing the distillate with the butter.

Loosen the distillate oil inside the syringe using hot water. Measure the distillate you need and mix it with the butter. It would be best to have a glass bowl to mix the butter and the distillate properly. You can heat them using a microwave and then stir them well. You now have cannabis-infused butter that you can add to your recipe.

If you make baked edibles, such as THC brownies, avoid baking at a temperature higher than 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme heat can degrade the THC and decrease the potency of the edibles.

Use Sublingually

If you do not have time to make edibles, do not worry. You can use THC distillate sublingually. Place a tiny drop of the liquid under your tongue and let it stay there for at least one or two minutes. Sublingual or under-the-tongue administration takes advantage of a dense network of tiny blood vessels under the tongue. These blood vessels absorb the THC and transport them to the endocannabinoid system.

The inhalation method is one of the fastest ways to deliver activated THC into the body. However, you can also deliver concentrated cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream, as quickly as by smoking or dabbing, by taking cannabis oil or distillate under the tongue. Sublingual administration is the best route if you do not want to smoke or dab distillate.

Medical cannabis patients often use sublingual administration because they do not need to smoke cannabis flowers to get their dose. Thankfully, you can also use this method to consume recreational marijuana.

Benefits of Using THC Distillate

Get Nearly 100% Pure THC

The distillation process can produce the purest form of cannabinoids. THC distillate contains 99+% THC, which means you can easily make edibles with proper dosing. In addition, you only need a small amount of distillate to make batches of THC products.

With a high potency of THC, you can get the desired effects with just a tiny amount of product. Most of the most potent strains of cannabis contain an average of 30%, and the potency even gets lower when you incinerate the flower. However, consuming distillate allows you to enjoy a potent experience every time.

THC Distillates are Decarbed

When using raw cannabis to make edibles, you still have to decarb the flower to activate the THC. The decarboxylation process takes hours to accomplish and will take a lot of your productive time. With THC distillates, there is no need to decarb anything. You can infuse it directly into your beverage or use it to make tasty edibles without spending too much time on decarbing.

Odorless and Flavorless

When you buy pure THC distillate, you get a product devoid of aromatic terpenes. Hence, you can add it to any food or beverage without affecting its aroma and flavor. Many commercial products use distillate instead of cannabis concentrates for this exact reason.

Bottom Line

Can you eat THC distillate? The answer is yes. You can infuse it into your hot coffee or tea in the morning or into baked goods and other edibles. If you are in a hurry, you can easily consume the distillate under the tongue (sublingual administration).

Remember that Delta-8 THC and HHC are recreational substances that can get you high. If you want to enjoy and experience the best benefits of cannabis without getting high, check out our CBD products.

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