Delta-8 THC: Is it Illegal?

Delta-8 THC hit the market running. It is one cannabis product that gained worldwide popularity, which will most likely lead to its eventual crackdown. Most states have rolled out a ban on the popular product in the following ways:

  • Introducing potency limits for any product that contains delta-8 THC
  • Introducing complete bans to prevent access within markets
  • Devising various measures to ban the products.

Due to the legalization of cannabinoids derived from hemp, delta -8 THC rose to popularity because of its ‘high’ constituents, similar to Delta-9 THC. You can access some of Delta -8 products from local grocery shops, gas stations, or head shops. However, delta-8’s fate may soon change, with experts in the legal sector referring to it as a grey area that may be deemed illegal.

Delta -8 THC

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It’s found in the form of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Although it has similar physiological effects to Delta-9 THC, it is believed to produce a more clear-headed high identical to Delta-9 THC. Products containing Delta-8 THC are known to be more potent.

Delta-8 THC is not found in most hemp strains. Instead, it is produced from cannabidiol (CBD), which is the main component of hemp. Unlike marijuana, hemp is not considered a controlled substance. Instead, it is used to make various products such as clothing and food.

Is There a Difference Between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC?

There are essential differences between the two cannabinoids. Delta-9 THC, as a start, is the main psychoactive ingredient that produces a ‘high’ feeling in individuals. However, under federal law, this cannabinoid has been deemed illegal.

On the other hand, delta-8 THC is derived from the cannabis plant, but it is less potent than Delta-9 THC. Its psychoactive effects are milder compared to Delta-9 THC.

What are the Pros and Cons?

On a positive note, delta-8 THC will have a milder side effect on you. More so, due to the legal confusion since the product is still legal in most states.

Also, various products in the market exist that contain delta-8 THC, such as beverages, vape cartridges, and edibles.

The cons of the cannabinoid are that it hasn’t been fully tested and is not being regulated by the FDA. Hence it has not yet been proven to be safe or pure for your consumption.

With the legal uncertainties, you can never be sure of delta-8 THC’s future whether it would eventually be classified as a controlled or uncontrolled substance.

Is it Legal?

The legal state of delta-8 THC has been somewhat confusing due to conflicting regulations that exist. Most proponents of the cannabis product argue that the Farm Bill states that hemp-derived substances are no longer legal crops and can be traded as uncontrolled substances.

Although the Farm Bill defined hemp as a non-controlled substance, Delta-8 THC remained a controlled substance under federal law. In 2020, the DEA issued an interim rule that clarified that all synthetically derived cannabinoids, including Delta-8 THC, remain controlled substances.

Since delta-8 THC is not directly manufactured from hemp but hemp-derived products, it is classified as a controlled substance.

Bearing the above in mind, it is not clear where Delta-8 THC lies in the regulatory framework. However, as lawmakers continue to hold discussions over its legal complexities, you as a consumer can still access the cannabinoid.

State Specific Decisions on 8-Delta THC

Different states across the United States have varying positions when it comes to Delta-8 THC. A breakdown is provided below:


Members of the Alabama hemp industry were pleased with the state’s decision to reject amendments that would have banned the use of delta-8 and delta-10 derivatives.


The Illinois House passed a bill in April that would regulate the sale of delta-8 and other derivatives of hemp. The products are known to contain little or no cannabidiol or CBD.


In Kentucky, the Department of Agriculture clarified that delta-8 THC is a controlled substance.

In a letter to Kentucky’s hemp license holders, the state’s agriculture commissioner warned that anyone who distributes products containing delta-8 could face criminal prosecution.

According to federal law, Delta-8 THC is a controlled substance, which means that it remains a Schedule I substance under state law.

North Dakota

Due to an increase in demand for delta-8, North Dakota’s attorney generals proposed changes to the state’s hemp regulations. Hemp proponents are, however, propositioning legislators not to overlook the benefit delta-8 THC has on patients.


Though recreational use of marijuana was legalized in 2014, Oregon did not have the same regulations in effect for delta-8 THC, which is a minor component of the cannabis plant. This issue has raised concerns among regulators about the safety of the new psychoactive compound.

The statehouse introduced a clause in its bill to allow regulation of the cannabinoid. Through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the body has the mandate to oversee the use of cannabis, set potency limits for cannabinoids derived from hemp, and check on mandatory testing to ascertain that the product is safe for human consumption.

According to the Hemp Industries Association president, Rick Trojan projects that the introduction of the bill would lead to overnight destruction of the hemp industry.


As a resident of Vermont, you are not legally allowed to use delta-8 THC products. After the state communicated to all its hemp growers through the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Farms, and Market, this is after the state communicated to all its hemp growers. Stating that under its published federal laws, the use of synthetic cannabinoids to produce any hemp product or any hemp-infused product is illegal.

Washington State

The law in Washington State is not as clear as Vermont is. Despite issuing a notice that lab-crafted products that are made from hemp being temporarily banned, the state is open to working with companies that sell and produce cannabis through a formal law process.

One of the reasons behind the ban was the state’s concern over safety and the absence of mandatory testing for the delta-8 THC. More so, the concentration limits and potency of the cannabinoid were also an issue of concern.

What Does Delta 8 THC Do?

As cannabis is a highly refined and complex plant, and the science used to produce new strains, create new cannabis products and get the most out of this amazing yield is also being innovated constantly, extracting certain properties of cannabis has led to a range of isolated products being produced.

For instance, you may have heard of CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, one of eighty-five active compounds within the marijuana plant. This, extracted and properly infused in products, allows someone to intake the benefits of cannabis consumption without any psychoactive effect. This is why CBD is increasingly being used for medicinal products, and is prescribed for those who may wish to relax and get better sleep, or soothe anxiety.

Another active compound, Delta 8 THC (as opposed to Delta 9 THC) is also gaining in popularity, and for quite clear reasons.

What does delta 8 THC do?

Most people who consume cannabis will be aware of Delta 9 THC, but what about its adjacent neighbor, Delta 8? Delta 8 THC is a THC variant with a much milder effect. For that reason, it’s known to provide a ‘smoother and cleaner’ high that is less heady and intensive than its counterpart, which is similar to the difference between a sativa and indica but more slight (delta 8 THC can be present in both strains).

For this reason, it has gained fame for a range of comforting purposes (without making you nod off to sleep as some Indicas can). This includes helping to settle anxiety, ensure a comfortable, calming experience, and acting as an excellent way for a new weed user to become introduced to cannabis products.

When should you choose and use it?

Of course, this is entirely up to you provided you are of legal age and can afford to invest in high-quality Delta 8 THC products. While it’s not suitable for general life responsibilities like driving or working at your job, Delta 8 THC products are often used by people who wish to go out in public without feeling the anxiety that a more heady Sativa could provide you. 

If you’re just looking for a relaxed experience, enjoying the benefits of weed without having to feel like you’re ‘tripping,’ then Delta 8 THC products could be for you. Make sure to ask your dispensary staff for what products they have on hand, that which they may recommend for a beginner, and of course, when and how you hope to use it. This will help them curate a customized recommendation for you which can help you avoid most of the hard work.

How long does Delta 8 stay in your system?

As Delta 8 THC is less psychoactive and heady than other THC active compounds, then many people enjoy smoking it around their work responsibilities. But what happens if you’re expecting a drug test, or you need to apply for a job? No matter the reason why you may wish to remove it from your system, it’s important to note that this takes time.

There are a few measures you can take to move it through your system faster. This includes drinking plenty of water (but not too much), to rid the THC from increased urination,. Electrolyte intake, like salt, potassium and zinc can also be useful. Drinking cranberry juice and high-protein foods has been suggested in the past, but it’s hard to verify how effective this is. Furthermore, regular exercise can help you in this regard, not only by helping you lose and replace your fluids, but in raising your metabolism.

Allow a week to two weeks for the THC to be out of your system. Remember though, that all bodies are different and no two results will be exactly the same. For that reason, it’s better to be responsible and planned in your cannabis use than expecting the product to work wonders for you.

What are the best Delta 8 THC infused products?

This all depends on your personal preference. For instance, Delta 8 THC can come in THC gummies and edibles, indoor hemp flowers, balms, oils and more. For that reason, it’s best to consider exactly how you might like to try this particular varant.

For instance, Delta 8 THC’s calming effects could, perhaps, be best applied in a balm before bedtime. Then, when you retire to your room and begin reading for the night, you can enjoy the subtle relaxing effects while you calm your mind and drift off to sleep. Ask your home assistant to play a little meditation music, and you’re golden.

For others, Delta 8 THC can be a great way to sample the effects of edibles for the first time without feeling totally out of sorts. Just be sure you know exactly the milligram quantities you’re purchasing and consuming, as well as the directions for use.

Where should I source Delta 8 THC products?

There are many excellent online dispensaries out there, but not all are totally geared towards Delta 8 THC and its associated products, as well as championing it as an excellent variant to use first and foremost.

This is where dispensaries like CannaClear have carved out an excellent niche, and as such, are one of the most reliable brands you can use. Not only do they stock a range of excellent Delta 8 THC products, but distillates too, which carry countless excellent reviews.

A dispensary like this can understand your desire to try cannabis products without getting ‘too high’ and overdoing it. After all, a negative experience like that can make anyone swear off cannabis products for a lifetime. Responsibility is the name of the game, and that’s why Delta 8 THC has become such a popular variant. 

Furthermore, CannaClear care to offer their most extensive lab results information to ensure their audience is as informed as possible, as regularly as possible. That’s a sign of a brand that deserves to be supported.

With this advice, we hope you can understand Delta 8 THC and what it does.

What Is THCV?

Have you heard about THCV recently online? You’re probably wondering, What is THCV, and how does it vary from other cannabinoid compounds?

THCV is a cannabinoid that has garnered a lot of attention recently. This article explores how it differs from other cannabinoids such as THC and CBN as well as the potential benefits it could have. 

In total, there are more than 120 different cannabinoids that are derived from hemp. One of the most popular compounds currently is THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin. Due to its unique effects and potential medical benefits is it easy to distinguish this from other cannabinoids that are available such as THC or CBD. 

If you are looking for a certain relief or you desire a specific effect, then this could be the right compound to explore. There is a lot of ongoing research investigating this particular compound but studies have already made some fascinating discoveries. 

What is THCV?

As you might have guessed from the name, the molecular structure of THCV. Due to this, it does provide psychoactive properties that are relatively close to the impact that you would experience with THC. However, it also provides a variety of more pronounced and different effects. 

It’s also worth noting that if you are vaping with THCV then the boiling point is 220 degrees celsius. As such, you will need to make sure that you are using your vape device at a higher temperature compared to THCV. 

Potential Benefits of THCV

There are numerous potential benefits of THCV that have been explored in research. For instance, studies have shown that in direct contrast to THC, THCV may be used as a way to dull the appetite of an individual. As such, it is often utilized by those interested in achieving weight loss. It may also help individuals who have diabetes. More studies have shown that THCV can be used to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce issues with insulin resistance. Other studies have explored using THCV to reduce issues with anxiety without suppressing the emotions of the individual. 

More recent research has found that THCV could also be used to help patients with Alzheimer’s. Some studies have found that issues associated with Alzheimer’s such as brain lesions and loss of motor control are significantly improved with THCV. However, these studies are still in the early stages of development. 

It’s also possible that THCV could promote the growth of new bone cells. Due to this, it is being explored as a possible treatment for conditions such as osteoporosis. 

Buy THCV Online Banner

Different THCV Strains 

There is a wide range of cannabis strains that are high in THCV. Some of the most popular options include Pineapple Purps, Red Congolese, and Jack the Ripper, to name just a few. African sativas do tend to contain the most THCV on average. There are also strains with high levels of THCV that are available in various forms from oils to edibles. 


THC is arguably the most well-known and well-studied cannabinoid available on the market today. THC is also present in a variety of different cannabis strains and will usually have a level of around 15%. 

In terms of molecular differences between THC and THCV, THCV has a side chain with a total of 2 carbon atoms. THC has a side chain with 5 carbon atoms which is why they are so similar. However, this does lead to significant differences with the way the body uses and metabolises the two different substances. 

For instance, while both are psychoactive, THCV is believed to be significantly less psychoactive overall. THC is also known to be effective for pain relief whereas THCV is commonly referred to as the diet weed due to the way people use it to lose weight. This is something to consider if you buy THCV isolate

Some people have even suggested that THCV can be seen as the healthy alternative to THC. THCV levels are usually quite low in most cannabis strains. However, there are exceptions. For instance, Dutch Passion has a THCV level of approximately 6 to 8%. 

Strains that are high in levels of THC will certainly get you high. In contrast, while THCV can provide a high due to the psychotropic effect, you would need to consume relatively large quantities before you feel intoxicated. Overall, THC is still the most psychotropic cannabinoid that is available through different strains on the market. 


CBN stands for cannabinol. It was the first cannabinoid that was naturally occurring to be isolated in 1896. Originally, people believed that it was responsible for the high associated with cannabis. However, we know that this is not the case and the actual cause of the high is THC. 

Instead, THC will slowly turn into CBN when it is exposed to heat as well as light. There are very few strains that are high in CBN on the market. So, if you are interested in exploring the effects of CBN, you should oxidize THC or CBD. 

Similar to THCV, CBN has been shown to have a wide range of positive medicinal effects. For instance, studies have provided evidence that CBN may have anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties. Other research has suggested that CBN may be used as an appetite stimulant. As such, it can provide the opposite impact of THCV which has been shown to suppress appetites in some individuals. 

Unlike THCV, CBN will not produce any intoxicating effects on its own. This is the main difference between it and THCV. However, it has been shown to produce a couch lock high in certain individuals. Essentially, it helps people relax more and achieve a peaceful state of serenity. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about THCV. The research into this cannabinoid is certainly interesting and it is likely that studies will continue to explore the potential positive effects that it could provide to users.

The main use for THCV is currently for the suppression of appetite. While it does provide a high it is far less pronounced compared to other options such as THC. However, it’s also worth noting that THCV is legal in more areas compared to THC and thus easier to obtain. 

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more information about THCV, this article by Leafly. They give a great overview about the compound.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Here at CannaClear, we are proud to provide a wide range of Delta-8 THC products for our customers. Our products are available in distillate, chews and crystalline forms – so you can choose the right way to enjoy them for you.

In this post, we’ll break down some key information about Delta-8 THC, and take you through our amazing product range. Let’s get started on answering the question: what is Delta-8 THC?

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is an abbreviation of Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant, and is often compared with CBD. Although CBD and THC are derived from the same plant and have similar chemical structures, they have one clear difference: their THC levels. 

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD must legally have less than 0.3% THC content, for it to be called CBD. CBD is often used to treat anxiety, depression and seizures – but it doesn’t have noticeable psychoactive “high” effects like THC does.

Why is it called Delta-8 THC?

Many people wonder about the name “Delta-8 THC”. Where does it come from? Delta-8 THC is an isomer, meaning a chemical compound, of Delta-9 THC, which is a more potent version of THC that produces more intense psychoactive effects.

CannaClear Delta-8 THC Products

Now you understand a little more about what Delta-8 THC is and how it works, let us introduce you to our awesome product range we have on offer at CannaClear. 

These lab-tested products are of the highest quality Delta-8 THC, making them the ideal products for people who want to use THC that is professionally produced, made from organically grown hemp with over 94% purity across the board.

CannaClear Delta-8 THC Distillates 

Some of our most popular products are our Delta-8 THC distillates, with hundreds of amazing customer reviews available to read on our product pages.

What is Delta-8 THC distillate? Simply put, a distillate is a broken down, distilled version of the original hemp plant, and comes in a thick liquid form. Distillate has a slightly lower potency than some other forms of Delta-8 THC, making it ideal for THC users who want to go about their days without getting too “high” as it were.

This being said, our 94.7% potency is a seriously pure distillate, making it more potent than your average Delta-8 THC product!

Our distillates come with almost no taste or smell, and can be used to bake edibles too if that’s your vibe!

One of our loyal customers, Matthew Waas, wrote, 

“Extremely consistent high quality! After placing multiple orders over many months with Cannaclear, I can now confidently say that I highly recommend their Delta 8 THC. Clean, clear, and highly effective every single time. Having tried Delta 8 from a few other vendors, I am definitely most happy with Cannaclear’s products and service.”

Want to know more about our Delta-8 THC distillates? We have two variations available: the Δ8 THC – Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC Distillate and the Terpene Infused Δ8 THC – Hemp Derived Delta with 20+ strains! You can also mix and match these products! 

CannaClear Delta-8 THC Chews

THC Chews are becoming more and more popular among consumers of Delta-8 THC, due to their delicious flavor and easy consumption. If you want to make getting your THC buzz easy and accessible, CannaClear tasty Delta-8 THC chews are for you.

What are the benefits of Delta-8 THC Chews? These are the ideal products if you want to enjoy a great flavor – lemonade, cherry, strawberry, blue razz or watermelon – with your buzz.

CannaClear Delta-8 THC chews are 15mg, with 150mg per container. They are manufactured from 100% organically grown hemp, and fully lab tested. All our products are made from federally compliant hemp-extracted CBD.

Xlite Delta-8 THC Milk Chocolate Bars – 225mg

If you enjoy edibles, you’ll love the CannaClear Xlite Delta-8 THC Milk Chocolate Bars. With a total of 225mg of Delta-8 per bar, this potent snack will get your buzz on while satisfying your chocolate cravings too.

This all-natural chocolate bar is, like all our products, made from organic hemp and fully lab tested. Are you ready to hit a new level of edible goodness? Enjoy an Xlite Delta-8 THC chocolate bar with your next order!

THCV Isolate – Hemp Derived

This crystalline product is a rare cannabinoid, THCV, that contains multiple biologically active molecules derived from the hemp plant. With a total cannabinoid range of 99.9%, the potency of THCV Isolate is unbeatable.

When you purchase this product, you can see our full lab results to confirm the cleanliness and potency of the product you are buying. We believe in full transparency for our loyal customers, so you’ll get nothing but the best when you buy THCV Isolate from us.

Private Reserve Delta-8 CBT & CBC Sauce – 3 Grams – Devil’s Animal Cake

Last but not least, our limited edition Delta-8 CBT & CBC sauce is an unmissable find for any THC user looking to get a unique, all-consuming high. Combining Delta-8 THC, CBT, 5% Cannabis derived terpenes and CBC distillate, this product is the perfect amalgam of compounds that gives you an awesome buzz.

We couldn’t put it better than how one of our trusted customers did in their review: “The Devil’s Animal Cake high is just as delightful as the flavor, with long-lasting effects that are perfect for kicking back after a long and stressful day. You’ll feel a cerebral effect first, filling your mind with a sleepy lifted sense that leaves you totally stoned and fading in and out of focus. A full body high comes next, lulling you into a state of couch lock before you drift away into peaceful sedation.”

Need we say more? Remember, there are only 200 jars available of this incredible blend, so go ahead and get your limited edition Devil’s Animal Cake jar in your next order!


Whether you are new to Delta-8 THC or a self-proclaimed connoisseur, you’ll fall head over heels with our potent, lab-tested Delta-8 products. If you are looking for more information about Delta-8 THC, we reccomend checking out this guide by Leafly.

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