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Wondering where the best place to get your cannabigerol (CBG) is?

There are over one hundred chemical compounds that can be found within a singular cannabis plant.

Though you might be most familiar with the two major cannabinoids, which are CBD and THC, and with the help of all of them, over one hundred, chemical compounds working together we get, what has come to be known as, the entourage effect. Among the many hundred compounds found in the hemp plant, there are also trace amounts of some minor cannabinoids, one of which is known as CBG and which is found to be one of the few, very beneficial cannabinoids.


Oftentimes, the cannabinoids from hemp plants are extracted to form hemp extract which is usually referred to as an isolate. The isolate is a pure, potent, and easily measurable substance made from one of the many cannabinoids in hemp plants.

CBD Isolate

An example of this is the CBD flower which is used to make certain kinds of CBD products after the cannabis plant has grown. Among the CBD products made from the CBD flower is CBD isolate. The CBD isolate is known to be the purest form of CBD product available in the CBD industry. However, these days the CBD market is overcrowded with more than just CBD isolate as the count of the different CBD products grows by the day.

Newest Isolates on the Market

CBG isolate is the newest cannabinoid that has taken up the limelight from the other cannabinoid isolates, due to it having more health benefits than the other beneficial compounds found within industrial hemp. However, despite it having multiple health benefits as compared to other cannabinoids, it is also responsible for only making up a small percentage of the industrial hemp plant, as previously mentioned, and so it is quite hard to get its health benefits from directly consuming cannabis plants. As a result of this, CBG isolates have grown significantly in terms of popularity due to the CBG product containing the purest CBG and the highest concentrations of industrial hemp extract. A lot of the CBG products on the market ring true to this as their composition is almost always 100% CBG, whilst also being made from 99% pure CBG.

Before we move on to everything about the CBG isolate, we have to mention that if you have any medical conditions which you have intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent, seek out the advice of a health physician before consuming any CBG products, or even CBD products, as the “Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act” require you to do so.

If you can not find a health physician and you are still intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent your medical condition, seek out the assistance of a healthcare professional, and if you are still unable to do that, then seek out the assistance of health care practitioners before you use CBG isolate to treat anything. The aforementioned “Cosmetic Act” requires the placement of medical workers in this precise order, at least when seeking out hemp-related advice.

However, despite all the efforts to seek out advice before consumption, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed the use of certain hemp-based products, particularly CBD products and CBG products, for medical use. The Food and Drug Administration has also allowed for companies, such as ‘KND Labs’, to conduct FDA-approved research on the benefits of other cannabinoids, such as THC, found in certain hemp products.

THC Free Products

As of now the use of any CBG product is legal as they are all THC-free. Also since there is zero THC in CBG products, they also don’t show up in a drug test.

What Exactly is CBG Isolate?

Put simply, CBG isolate is exactly as the name describes. It is a type of cannabinoid product in which, after undergoing a certain production process, the final product is refined enough to contain no other chemical compound aside from CBG. The finished products which are pure CBG isolate have not only been isolated from other cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, but it is also free of plant waxes, inactive hemp compounds, flavonoids, and also terpenes.

CBG Isolate Powder

After undergoing all the production processes, the CBG is found in its final form to be a CBG powder. The CBG powder is a white and crystalline substance that is 99% pure CBG. The CBG isolate powder also has no taste or odour and is extremely concentrated.

As mentioned before, all traces of any other chemical compounds have been removed in the CBG isolate. It is also quite difficult to detect THC in the CBG isolate powder form, even with the most developed instruments and testing kits. This is, once again, due to the fact that there are only non-detectable levels of other chemical compounds present in the powder, which include non-detectable levels of CBC, THC, CBN, and CBD, which are the most common searched for compounds in drug tests.

How Do You Make CBG Isolate?

Extracting CBG distillate from hemp plants is not only an environmentally friendly process but also requires less processing, in general, if you use the right hemp plant. If you are growing hemp which is rich in CBG, and plan on extracting that CBG later on, the process will require a lot less agricultural land, as well as produce less plant waste since a majority of the plant will be used up in extracting its CBG.

Bulk CBG Isolate Production

Since the extraction process would be simple and quick, if the hemp plant is rich in CBG, the CBG which is extracted can be used in creating CBG products in bulk. The bulk CBG isolate products would not only be cheap to produce but would also reduce wholesale pricing which would attract more customers.

The CO2 Extraction Method

There are a lot of ways one can go about getting CBG out of a plant. However, the one which is most favoured by consumers and the current gold standard in the extractive industry is the CO2 Extraction Method. The process makes use of a sealed loop system which cools the CO2 to around negative fifty-six degrees Celsius, while also increasing the pressure of the CO2 to seventy-five Pascal’s per square inch. It should be noted that though this procedure is quite pricey and requires industrial machinery, it produces the purest form of CBG product available on the market.

A similar process to the CO2 extraction method is the supercritical CO2 extraction method. In the supercritical CO2 extraction process, the CO2 is situated in such a climate, temperature, and pressure that it exists between the gaseous and liquid phases. This CO2 is then passed through a closed chamber, whilst it remains intact. The special CO2, which sits between its gaseous and liquid form, acts in the same way residual solvents would and extracts all of the other chemical compounds that are not CBG, such as THC and CBD, out of the hemp plant along with terpenes, flavonoids, and other impurities found in the hemp. This process has a smaller yield of pure CBG isolate, however, the pure CBG isolate produced from this method happens to be made with relatively cheap machinery and at lower pressures. Another benefit of this extraction method is that rather than having more filters for each different impurity that needs to be extracted, it is all removed with just one filter, which is a specially designed CO2 phase.

The Ethanol Extraction Method

The ethanol extraction method is, yet another, cheap and efficient method of getting unwanted impurities out of hemp, leaving only the desired CBG isolate. This extraction procedure makes use of ethanol as a solvent that is directly applied to the hemp plant. The ethanol extraction method is not only used for hemp plants, but also for a lot of other plants which are used for making other types of food and drugs. This method of extraction from hemp plants is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is considered to be one of the safest methods of CBG extraction from hemp plants that are known to man. However, an important step before beginning with the extraction process is that one must always remember to remove the chlorophyll from the hemp plant via a different extraction method. This will help to make it ready for extracting the CBG out of it.

How Do You Use the CBG Isolate?

Consumers of CBG products all around the world are buying them for their unique properties, and also due to them being edible with almost every other product on the market. People often combine CBG isolate powder with their morning coffee or with their protein shakes, and thus, creating their brand new, very own products. However, this isn’t all that customers who buy CBG isolate powder have learned to combine the powder with. People who consume CBG isolate powder have begun adding the product to more conventional cannabis products such as tinctures, sublingually ingested products, and even edibles.

With CBG also gaining popularity in the, already thriving, world of skincare due to its useful and highly potential dermatological properties, CBG isolate powder has even found its way into topical products. An example of this is that CBG isolates powder has been added to shampoos, hair creams, lotions, and even special serums for healthy skin. The popularity of CBG isolates powder is growing exponentially ever since it hit the growing skincare market.

An overall summary of the products you can find CBG isolate powder in is essentially everything. CBG isolate powder is found in drugs, food, cosmetics, and even medicine. The length of the list of things CBG isolate powder is found in is constantly expanding into other products and markets where it is found to be of benefit.

Why Would You Choose to Buy CBG Isolate Products Over Other Chemical Compounds?

During the process of CBG extraction, you would also produce some lesser quality CBG products which are on the full spectrum or broad-spectrum, however, despite this, CBG isolate is the most common product of any of the extraction methods used to extract CBG. There is a myriad of reasons you would choose to use CBG isolate products over other chemical compound products, with some of the most common reasons discussed in the following paragraphs.

CBG isolate powder would be an amazing choice for anyone who is trying to avoid the psychoactive effects of other chemical compounds found in hemp such as THC. Unlike THC, CBG is not a psychoactive compound and won’t lead you to get high after consumption, regardless of how much you consume.

Another reason you would pick CBG over all the other chemical compounds found in hemp is that it is naturally extracted in the form of powder making it very versatile to use, to begin with. It can be added to almost anything without going through long procedures of creating edibles or tinctures. It can be added to any drink or sprinkled over whatever food you may be eating, which makes the ingestion of CBG all the simpler as compared to its rival chemical compounds.

Not only does the versatility of CBG isolate powder allow you to add it to your food and drinks, but it can also be added to your beauty and cosmetic products, as well. With the aforementioned use of CBG as an effective skincare product, it is made all the easier to use, as you can simply just buy the powder and add it to any one of the beauty products you already use. It is essentially compatible with every beauty product on the market, that too all from the get-go as it starts out as a powder, right after the extraction process.

Due to it being tasteless, as well as, without any scent you won’t be harming any of your cooking recipes when you add this to a food of your choice. It is also especially useful if you do not like the taste of a certain food product or drug.

It also proves itself to be a lot more beneficial as compared to CBD, another chemical compound founding hemp. Though CBD and CBG share a lot of the same medical benefits, as you will come to learn later on in this article, CBG has an upper hand on CBD. Unlike CBD which only affects the endocannabinoid system indirectly, as well as, only partially binds to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain, CBG directly affects the endocannabinoid system as it directly binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This direct binding to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain allows the CBG to have stronger effects, as compared to CBD, which means you receive a lot of the benefits of both, CBD and CBG, a lot quicker from consuming CBG than consuming CBD.

The Health Benefits of Consuming CBG Isolate

CBG, much like CBD, can prove to be very useful in a lot of different health-related issues. This is mainly due to the fact that CBG can reduce inflammation in the brain, as well as, the nervous system. Some of the health advantages you can reap from eating CBG isolate are the ones mentioned below.

It prevents the growth of bacteria and can fight inflammation whilst also dealing with infections caused by microorganisms. The CBG isolate aforementioned ability to help with dermatological problems also takes effect here as topical creams which contain CBG can help against skin-related issues such as acne and redness, which are caused by microorganisms.

CBG isolate can work to prevent insomnia as it induces sleepiness. CBG isolate is also known to reduce intraocular pressure on the eyes for people who are suffering from Glaucoma, and thus, helps in its overall treatment.

CBG isolate has also proven itself useful in dealing with cancer cells. It provides a boost to the immune system and helps in preventing the spread of cancerous cells. As a result, CBG isolate is used to control tumour growths.

CBG isolates can also help fight against depression and anxiety due to their anti-stress potencies. Lastly, CBG isolate is also beneficial for our digestive system as it regulates our appetite, and it also improves our mood while doing so.

CBG Isolate Dosage

As we have stated quite a few times previously, CBD isolate is almost one hundred percent pure, and thus, it makes it very easy for manufacturers to identify the dose of their CBG products. If you intend on making a product with the right dose of a certain cannabinoid in it, you will need that certain cannabinoid isolates to get started. For example, to get the right dosage of CBG in a product of your own making, you will need CBG isolate of a certain concentration and quantity to add to your product. The measurement of CBG isolate in any product on the market is usually done in milligrams.

When using CBG isolate, you are free to have any dose of your choice as there aren’t any negative effects to using the chemical compound, however, as previously stated, you need to get a medical professional’s advice before consuming any amount of CBG.

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