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High-quality Delta-8 Hemp Distillate (Δ8 THC) with several terpene infusion options available – This current batch is 94.7% which is some of the most potent oil available on the market. Contains 5% botanically derived terpenes.

Made from 100% organically grown hemp. Virtually no taste or odor, just pure hemp-derived Δ8 THC.

All orders will be shipped in a glass jar then vacuum sealed to prevent oxidation. All jars will come with a sticker that says “TW:” this refers to the weight of the jar without the lid so that you may calculate exactly how much is left in your jar at all times with a scale.

  • 14 Grams will be shipped in a 15ML glass jar with a plastic lid.
  • 20-30 Grams will be shipped in a 30ml glass jar with a metal lid.
  • 40 Grams will be shipped in a 45ml glass hex jar with a metal lid.
  • 50-70 Grams will be shipped in a 70ml glass jar with a metal lid.
  • 80 – 250 grams will be shipped in a 9oz UV tinted glass jar with a metal lid.

For COA’s, please refer to our delta 8 THC lab results section, full panel COA’s are available there.

All of our Delta-8 THC distillate is derived from hemp and federally legal.

DISCLAIMER: This product may oxidize which may result in it arriving as pink or amber/golden colored distillate instead of clear. Oxidation is characteristic of Delta-8 THC and does not affect potency.


For any questions please email: [email protected]

For wholesale pricing please send us an email at [email protected] for more information.

FDA Disclosure: This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18 or 21 depending on the laws of your governing state or territory. This product should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before use, especially if you have a medical condition or use prescription medications. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using any of these products. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. By using this site you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and all Terms & Conditions printed on this site. Void Where Prohibited By Law.



20 Grams, 40 Grams, 60 Grams, 100 grams, 250 Grams, 1000 Grams


Green Crack – NEW!, Rainbow Sherbert – NEW!, Fruit Snack (Gushers), Trainwreck, Strawberry Cough, Lemon Pound Cake, Orange Creamsicle, Banana Punch, Zookies, Member Berry, Zour Apples, Mimosa, Fruit Punch, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Tree, Wedding Crasher, Grape God, Blue Razzberry, Sour Alien, Cereal Milk, Platinum Blueberry Kush, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Tangie

74 reviews for Terpene Infused Δ8 THC – Hemp Derived Delta | 23 Strains

  1. Saint Nicotine (verified owner)

    This is the real deal. You will not be disappointed. Nice and strong effects and the terpenes are actually amazing. I thought BDTs were trash until I tried Cannaclear now I think I may prefer them. Thanks so much!

  2. Zeriah R (verified owner)

    I got wedding crasher, it was the first distillate i had ever tried…the flavor was AMAZING.. SO SO good! This stuff is really potent too…never going back to carts again !!!

  3. Josh McAdams (verified owner)

    I bought 20g of the Cereal Milk, just filled 4 cartridges with it. Terps taste great, might try the Gushers next!! 😛

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great experience overall! Best delta 8 anywhere. Good flavor so far. Customer for life!

  5. Muffrooms (verified owner)

    Have bought two 20 gram D8 strains from CC and will never go anywhere else to get my wax! The Plat. Strawberry Cough and Blackberry Kush were both amazing!!! Perfect for someone like me that likes to feel euphoric but not too stoned where you’re too lazy to stand up. Just made my third today, lets see how good the Strawberry Cough is! Thank you CC <3

  6. BlauDieb (verified owner)

    Love it! Everything I could ever ask for, thank you so much CannaClear!

  7. Biggus Dickus (verified owner)

    Tried the rainbow sherbet first don’t remember it too much but smelt like a fruity candle it was good. Then ordered cereal milk, it tastes how the candy Skittles taste like my fav yet.

    Big upgrade from unterped

  8. LarryFisherman (verified owner)

    Very heavy traditional d9 smoker that ordered some platinum blueberry kush and sour alien a month ago just to see what the fuss was about and was blown away at the quality!! You can see through the jar it’s so clear/pure. High quality bliss that seems to offer more medical benefits than my d9 at times.

    It takes a lot for me to order from a company twice ( just ordered some train wreck and cereal milk) but it takes even more for me to write a review to vouch for it lol! Love y’all at CC!!

  9. mr.bakin365 (verified owner)

    Proof I order Order #23981 I got some Cereal milk and some green crack 20g each and let me tell you they are amazing such a treat

  10. Sully!🤙 (verified owner)

    Cannaclear is an A+ company, their distillate is among some of the best. I’ve been ordering through Cannaclear for about 3 months and I’ve never been disappointed. If you’re worried about be scammed DONT BE! This shi* is legit!! Out of the 6 strains I’ve tried ( Green Crack, Blue Razz, Trainwreck, Sour Alien, Platinum Blueberry Kush, Strawberry Cough ) they have all been fire. Try Trainwreck First though 🙂

  11. Bryan (verified owner)

    I have a good stock of Cereal Milk, my favorite. But everything else is great also. I store everything in a mini fridge, and I swear the stuff seems to get better with age.

  12. Shyfran3 (verified owner)

    I ordered Blackberry kush, order was fast and product was excellent. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone.

  13. Joey Groce (verified owner)

    The best bang for your buck I can find on the web. Great taste and aroma with the green crack.

  14. Kp (verified owner)

    I’ve tried about 6 different strains now and everything has been amazing. Green crack and the blackberry kush I have now are my favorites, highly recommended, no other d8 product is close in terms of quality. Thanks cc!

  15. Thomas Brodin (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh! I ordered 20g of the cereal milk after enjoying some of the unterped distillate. I am completely and entirely blown away. The effects and flavor are incredible!!! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a lot easier than going to the dispensary to pay $60 for a gram haha. Thank you, CannaClear! 🙂

  16. Andrew (verified owner)

    Ordered 100 grams of platinum blueberry Kush as my first order. Was not disappointed. Flavor is great. Really wanna try the alpen gleaux. I emailed about an ounce price for THCV and never got a reply!!! Thanks!!

  17. Bryan (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten Green Crack, Cereal Milk, Rainbow Sherbert, and Orange Creamsicle, and they are all very good. Tasty, smooth, awesome effects. Gonna order Key Lime Pie next. <3

  18. GypsyJester (verified owner)

    Being a medicinal user, finding strengths and strains at dispensaries were fun, but never really good at dealing with what i was using them for. After a trigger pull here at CC, I legit have stopped buying any cannabis at dispensaries. My usual daily dab amount was a gram of 80% myrcene terped dabs… as of now (on my second order of 40grams of Blue Razz), i go thru maybe a gram every 2 days. the strength and quality of Canna Clear is blowing my mind. If it wasnt for the nice and beautiful analysis paper that comes with each batch (im assuming 20 grams and higher), i woudl say this is highly sus… lol, but really, this was the the one place that had a fix to survive a blown out L4, L5, “Questionable nerve placement” between those, and a degenerating S1. I can again sleep in peace, relax and move about the day without worry… AND THE FACT THAT IT TASTES LIKE ACTUAL RASPBERRIES WITH TART FLAVORING IS AWESOME!!!! Permanent customer here.

  19. nate950022 (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away. I ordered Cereal Milk and Platinum Blueberry Kush. I just recently started vape carts and wasn’t too sure what I was doing. Put in a little bit of effort filling the cart and got to try the best stuff ever. Plat Blueberry tastes like a blueberry wine. Or blueberry muffin on low temp. Cereal Milk is my favorite though. So mild but flavorful and an intense feeling of bliss. The Blueberry is more potent though. Love this company. Have a great day.

  20. Elijah Wicks (verified owner)

    Reviewed the strawberry cough and the names says it all😂🔥

  21. drewlicht2019 (verified owner)

    As always CC knocks it out of the park. I really think you should continue with the mini jars as that was a nice addition to the bulk. The green crack is amazing and probably my all time favorite. I also got the rainbow sherbet recently as well and that is top notch of course. Think about to try the sour alien after reading the flavor profile and review. CC is the best, second to none!

  22. Nelldad91 (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd month in a row ordering. Grabbed the fruit snacks first and that was amazing !!! Went with the rainbow sherbet this time and received it yesterday. HOLLY HECK!!! The price and quality can’t be beat and I havnt tasted anything better from anyone else. 100%% gonna be a repeat customer for a while.

  23. Randolph Crowther Jr (verified owner)

    I have spent quite a bit. I enjoy this company and even though last order came with no info I still enjoy and love the flavors. Don’t ever think science is not a step ahead of the game. I will say this. It’s the real deal I have been all over and this is a no brainer. Real deal and I own stock with the testing company and Cana and I assure you it’s not a scam, very impressed. Keep up the good work and the only thing I will say is “Green Crack” is great. Also Runtz I believe would be my all time favorite!! Don’t underestimate the quality because I promise you that it is above and beyond expectations!! ????????????????????

  24. Alex Doyle (verified owner)

    I got 20 grams of the cereal milk due to all of the positive reviews I read. I put some in a ccell cartridge and it works great with this blend if you heat it properly before using a syringe. I have primarily been using a volcano vaporizer and WOW. The taste reminds me of zebra stripe gum when vaped and some of my friends say they have gotten a blueberry-ish flavor as well.

  25. Ronald Wood (verified owner)

    Wish I could give it a 10

  26. travbow91 (verified owner)

    I dab Delta 8 distillate exclusively… I have tried distillate from every company that holds a good reputation within the industry. CannaClear is hands down the best distillate I have ever consumed. I ordered Grape God and Gushers to try out, 20 grams each… Magnificent experience! Flavors are as described, no harshness or bad aftertastes. The effects are where CannaClear really is ahead of the rest in my opinion though… I have never gotten such good results from Delta 8 prior to CannaClear. Just WOW! A good size dab of this stuff at the right temp will make you feel AMAZING for hours. I ordered cereal milk and wedding crasher for my second order, can’t wait to try more! CannaClear is my new go to vendor 100%, not buying distillate anywhere else… Stop debating whether or not to order, do it! You wont regret it!

  27. Sean Greer (verified owner)

    I was skeptical, I’ve never had any Delta 8 products before, but that skepticism quickly dissipated when i took my first hit. The flavor is great and the effects are even better, Platinum Blueberry Kush reminds me of a blueberry flavored sour candy; if this product wasn’t as strong as it is I’d be inclined to hit it constantly. If you’re on the fence like I was, I can’t recommend enough that you just go for it.

  28. Mottlycrw (verified owner)

    Top Notch product. I ordered the “Cereal Milk” as so many reviewers recommended. AND THEY’RE RIGHT! This terp added is so flavorful and not harsh. The effect of the distillate is wonderful as well.

  29. drewlicht2019 (verified owner)

    Received my cereal milk 20 gram order about a month ago and still have decent amount left. It’s good distillate and very very smooth on the throat. I am about to place another order as well as a couple friends who tried the cereal milk I have. Keep up the great work CC. We need you!

  30. Kris (verified owner)

    I ordered 40g of the Sour Alien. It has a sour lemon smell and a taste that is almost like lemon heads or lemon drops. Mmmm so good and potent! Cannaclear for the win

  31. paul spicer (verified owner)

    Ordered the Cereal Milk from these guys last week. Order showed up quickly and all correct. Great taste, will try other CDT options later.

  32. Cody (verified owner)

    Wow The cereal milk taste perfect like yellow fruit stripes gum. And for the wedding crasher its lemony smell matches its light lemon taste. 10/10 cant wait to try more the new gushers sounds amazing

  33. John Elzey (verified owner)

    Let me say this has only been my second time ordering from here. This order of “trainwreck” I’ve received looks great and has great affect. When it come to tast & smell, I could not tell you what it is.
    Like I said be for that this was only my second order, my first order was “sour alien.” That order was great, flavor perfect, smell & color were on point. Just didn’t care for dark jars. This orders jars are great. When i opened my order looked great, but the taste & smell were none. The delta-8 still hits good.

  34. Kris (verified owner)

    I ordered the Wedding Crashers. The smell is amazing. I would rate the Quality a 10/10 . Very potent and tasty! Shipping time was only a few day..Will be ordering from cannaclear again!

  35. greyhat (verified owner)

    Got the Sour Alien and it is delicious! Super fresh and sour smelling and tasting. Effects are 10/10 and product is clear as always! This was my 3rd purchase and I will definitely be getting more! Don’t hesitate to try this one out.

  36. Lindsay Hatch (verified owner)

    I got Orange Creamsicle and YUM! Tastes great, smells great, feels great! 🙂 I’m excited to try another strain!

  37. Dan (verified owner)

    Cereal milk is great! Filled up some carts and it smelled very fruity I ate a decent amount of it with some peanut butter, awesome effects! Would recommend.

  38. eddk (verified owner)

    Purchased the Cereal Milk strain after seeing the reviews and it did not disappoint! Fantastic product and it really lifts your ass up to the clouds!! 10/10 definitely worth it, coming back for more!

  39. Grapey is a word (verified owner)

    I ordered the grape god, i was overall very impressed with the product. The purity, packaging, and effect were great, and it arrived a day before estimated. The only reason for the four star review is that the grape god was a bit too “grapey” for my liking. I am ordering another jar now as the edibles are better than full spectrum/D9 IMO.

  40. James Ledbetter (verified owner)

    Platinum Blueberry kush was exactly as described first smell is blueberry and then you get the lush aftertone, very nice and I do recommend.

  41. PJ Martin (verified owner)

    This shizz is the real deal. Very discreet shipping and top shelf quality. Ordered 20G’s of Sour Alien distillate and I have filled my carts more times than I can remember. Canna Clear is the best!! Just buy it. You won’t regret you!

  42. Honeybee

    This was my third time ordering from cannaclear I’ve tried sour alien and now fruit punch. Fruit punch tastes and smells AMAZING. It’s all a little rough but that’s expected since its potent stuff. I love and reccomend everything

  43. DS480 (verified owner)

    After reading other reviews I went with Cereal Milk because it was recommended so often. I’m not disappointed at all. The effect is on point, there’s no doubt about that. CannaClear’s Delta8 is potent as well as being quite smooth compared to some other brands I’ve tried. The harshness is minimal if present at all. The flavor is quite tasty and will actually alter slightly depending on the temperature at which it’s vaporized. I don’t get creaminess at all which is a bit unfortunate because that was something I was looking forward to. The best description I can’t off is that I taste Fruity Pebbles on the inhale and Grape Bubble Yum on the exhale. It’s all around tasty and not overwhelming. The terps aren’t harsh and it’s easy to keep puffing because of both the smoothness and the good flavor. If you’re looking to purchase your first jar from CannaClear then I recommend believing what others have said and jump on this Cereal Milk. If you like fruity flavors then this is the one.

  44. NpIzdebs (verified owner)

    Wow this is good stuff. This was my first time buying “bulk” delta 8 instead of just buying prefilled cartridges.
    I got the sour space terps in mine. Still smooth even with terps, this is clean stuff. Extremely sticky clear medicine. Stretches out like a hot piece of mozzarella cheese. I recommend using a wax pen to use this medicine, I use the Magneto. Will definitely be buying again in the future, this is a legit company.

  45. Trader Joe (verified owner)

    I ordered wedding crasher and lemon tree. They arrived in secure packaging a day early . I was impressed by the smell, effectiveness and price . They are both veryy smooth. the LT is like a sweet lemon candy and WC is like a grapey fruity cereal with maybe a hint of floral. I can’t wait to try the others. I now understand why so many recommend Cannaclear.

  46. Ronnie Montgomery (verified owner)

    The cereal milk is awesome. Loved the effects. Made me extremely hungry

  47. Nathaniel Dodson (verified owner)

    I’ve found the best way to get an amazing flavor from this stuff is to whip it up really good. Then the terps really smash you in the face!

  48. Tony Glock (verified owner)

    I got 20 grams of Cereal Milk and I’m not disappointed very tasty and smooth when taking small tokes off the cart. This is also very potent and will creep up on you! Highly recommended!

  49. Nicholas Adkins (verified owner)

    High quality products, great customer service. The flavors are consistent every time I smoke. This is the best company! Love you guys!

  50. Smellius (verified owner)

    Ordered Sour Alien and Platinum Blueberry Kush, Sour alien smells citrusy, haven’t gotten to smoke in my rig yet but I have tried Platinum Blueberry kush…. and wow. The taste is very pleasant, suuuuupper smooth, even with terps in it. Leaves almost like a weedy aftertaste in your mouth. It’s fantastic. Once you smoke it you just know instantly that it’s clean.

    10/10 for potency, quality, and security. (Nicely wrapped in bubble wrap)
    10/10 for packaging (discrete, quick and I love the UV jars.. +10 extra just for that)

    Overall… what are you waiting for? if you’re into D8 , this is the stuff you’re exactly looking for.

  51. greyhat (verified owner)

    Ordered the Cereal Milk and it is on point! Came in a brown glass jar packaged well, full weight, and smells fantastic. Effects are definitely 10/10 on this one. I’ve tried other popular vendors and this is top quality and clear. Ordering some others for sure.

  52. P. Jizzle (verified owner)

    Fairly new to ∆8. Tried a few cheap carts, and some not so cheap carts. Decided I was spending way too much money on disposable carts and ordered 20G of Sour Alien Disty so I could refill my own reusable ones. So glad that I went with CC! Their D8 is A1! Greatest potency and taste out of all of the ones that I have tried. As Arnold said….”I’ll Be Back”

  53. Sy (verified owner)

    Had a shipping issue but they quickly refunded me. Place a new order and they had my new order to me quick. I bought the 20 gram jar of Mimosa distillate and it has great effects.

  54. Dakota210 (verified owner)

    Got the cereal milk and I am very impressed. Arrived a day early and great packaging! Cereal milk smells and taste very fruity in my opinion. Definitely want to try some other flavors 🙂

  55. kevm5956 (verified owner)

    New customer here,
    Wonderful product. I ordered 20 grams of lemon tree terpene infused. Smooth, and taste is very good.
    I will be back.

  56. Meaty (verified owner)

    Unbelievably tasty and effective. Don’t hesitate!

  57. jcancun12 (verified owner)

    Incredible stuff, hits insanely smooth and the flavor is completely on point! I’ve tried the Zookies, Blue Dream, Sour Alien, and cereal milk. All the flavors are amazing and I really don’t have a favorite, but I can say for sure the cereal milk definitely lives up to the hype! CannaClear absolutely nails it!

  58. jfromtn (verified owner)

    This is a top tier product for sure. I ordered 20g of the Platinum Blueberry Kush and wow. I felt absolutely amazing, great experience. Keep up the good work.

  59. Riley (verified owner)

    Key Lime Pie smells exactly like its namesake, and tastes like a green skittle. Tastes great in a cart, even better in a rig. Effects are clear-headed relaxation with lots of body buzz. After trying out a few different distillates, Cannaclear is my favorite.

  60. James (verified owner)

    When I kept hearing about how good cannaclear was, I had to try it to believe it. I definitely believe it. Cereal milk tastes great!

  61. Eric (verified owner)

    Everyone here absolutely nailed it. Cereal milk is so good, I can’t believe it. Sour Aliens was delicious but the cereal is other worldly.

  62. Peyton Henke (verified owner)

    I was so skeptical at first. Even after doing my research I was biting my nails. But the package came and inside of it was a freakin giant jar of some of the best disty I’ve ever had. SUPERB! WILL BUY AGAIN

  63. Jordan Roark (verified owner)

    Key Lime Pie was exactly as described. Deliciously sour and sweet.

  64. Jacob Gulino (verified owner)

    Cereal Milk is ???????????? super loud flavor blast on exhale and POTENT! Definitely a treat.

  65. Nick710 (verified owner)

    The Cereal Milk is absolutely delicious ????. CC never disappoints, can’t recommend this stuff enough!

  66. MadDabber710 (verified owner)

    The Wedding Crasher is really good i like the smell and flavor of it. It’s almost like a fruity pebbles smell and taste! I was really hoping for a gassy ⛽ taste but this is still on point ???? I will definitely be back for some more soon hopefully I can find that gassy⛽ taste I’m looking for!!! ????

  67. Austin (verified owner)

    Blueberry OG is wonderful. It smells great and tastes better. It’s smooth and the effects are top notch. You probably can’t beat this price for the quality. I can’t wait to try out other flavors. I’ll be back for more.

  68. Honeybee

    Love the sour alien! I’ll be trying other strains later. Strong stuff as always.

  69. SteWieH The Towel (verified owner)

    cereal milk tasted exactly the way it smelled, which is exactly the way it sounded. Not too subtle but not overbearing. not bad for only 5%. will order again.

  70. brett bolton (verified owner)

    The cereal milk is so good, you’ll have to put on some Saturday morning cartoons! 10-10 will order again!

  71. Kaylah Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible product. Flavor is awesome (blue dream), effects are great and smokes smooth. Can’t recommend highly enough. Just buy it.

  72. Noah Ferrick (verified owner)

    Loved the taste an smell will definitely be ordering more.

  73. Rachel

    Love this stuff! It always comes with in the week

  74. Tucker McDaniel

    I just received my delta 8 with the new terps already added! It has such a strong smell and a very nice taste! I was super impressed.

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