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What is Acetylation?

Acetylation is used to create ‘Prodrugs’ in traditional pharmaceuticals. Prodrugs are metabolic precursors to active drugs. Simple chemical modifications to an active drug, such as acetylation of an oxygen, can significantly reduce 1st-pass (liver) metabolism and provide increased bioavailability of the active drug. A common example of a prodrug is aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid. Salicylic acid, the active drug, is acetylated to make aspirin. In this case, the advantages are several-fold, including not only increased efficacy as an analgesic, but also decreased irritation of the stomach. In the context of cannabinoids, acetylation of THC to give ‘O-acetyl THC’ (aka, THC-O-acetate) has been shown to boost bio-availabilities severalfold. The subjective effect of O-acetyl THC is significantly different from THC, with users reporting less paranoia and intoxication, and more of an empathogenic or psychedelic effect than with THC. Also, THC-acetate exhibits a slow onset over 45min-1hr, with effects persisting 4-5 hours. The method used to acetylate THC is also important with regards to the safety of production and consumption. The common methods used for acetylating THC employ dangerous chemicals such as pyridine and acetic anhydride. However, over the past 6 months, a new method has been developed that replaces these chemicals with a food-safe acetylating reagent. By eliminating the use of dangerous chemicals, the safety of various cannabinoid-acetates has been dramatically improved, both for producers and for consumers. THC-O-acetate, along with several other acetylated cannabinoids, has also been found naturally in cannabis plants in small quantities, so it can be considered a ‘nature identical’ product (reference below).


Consumption of D8 THC O Acetate
D8 THC once Acetylated is low viscosity like CBC which means no more clogged carts or supercut terped carts. O Acetate is completely cart-ready. O Acetate is extremely smooth when you dab it it doesn’t leave a taste at all, and you will not cough (assuming you take a normal dab). The color is extremely stable, no more purple, pink, amber, and yellow color changes once it reaches you! The prodrug portion, ingestions of the compound (edibles, tinctures, etc) are typically 1-3x stronger than delta-9 THC.


10 Grams, 20 Grams, 250 Grams, 500 Grams, 1000 grams


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