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Here is all you will want to know about the fantastic cannabinoid that is Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC, also referred to as Delta 8, is the hottest new cannabinoid on the market. You would be forgiven for not hearing about the greatness that is Delta 8 THC, as it has only recently started hitting shelves. It’s been flying off of them ever since due to the fantastic effects it provides to its users. Delta 8 THC offers users a light tingling feeling, which is more than enough to make any cannabis user feel good but not off their head. Delta 8 THC is also on the list of high-quality hemp products that come with a sweet and beautiful aroma. Aside from these profound benefits, many users have been providing positive customer reviews, claiming that the cannabis-derived chemical compound has been the sole reason to help them in various walks of life.

The new cannabis chemical compound has gained significant amounts of traction around the entire globe due to the Delta 8 THC being offered in a wide variety of product types. The long list of Delta 8 THC products includes the likes of Delta 8 THC vape cartridges, tinctures, and edibles, all of which are highly sought-after products. However, on the topic of Delta 8 THC products, a vast majority of the user base of the products prefer to go down traditional lines and like to smoke the dried hemp buds. Many people also opt to smoke Delta 8 THC infused hemp flower, which is made by taking Delta 8 THC distillate which is made ready in a laboratory and then proceeding to infuse hemp flowers with the distillate. The traditional and natural form of consumption of hemp flower strains by way of smoking is still a beloved means of ingesting cannabinoids to this day, even if hemp flowers infused with Delta 8 THC don’t fit the norm of smoking hemp flowers that get you high.

What is Delta 8?  

Is Delta 8 considered hemp or marijuana? Many factors go into the classification of Delta 8. Though it might share many of its properties with the Delta 9 THC or CBD, it is very different from them in several ways, which we will get into briefly. Like always, the marijuana/hemp industry sees a lot of trends coming and going; similarly, the Delta 8 hemp flower is a newcomer to the hemp industry. Much like the craze of concentrates or edibles before it, it has quickly risen through the ranks of popular hemp flowers and has made its new home in the hearts of users. Suffice it to say, Delta 8 flowers are very versatile in being consumed, much of which depends on the user’s preference. Among the most popular means are prerolls, cigars, and concentrates. This versatility makes it a more popular trend than other entries, but there are still many unanswered questions that need attention. For one, the modus operandi of the drug is self-explanatory- flowers that are high Delta THC.   

What is THC Flowers  

As discussed later in the article, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, with many older and more accustomed users preferring it in the form of joints or cigars while others new to the scene ease themselves into the experience with vape and other miscellaneous methods of consumption. Most people smoke the flower itself. Cannabis flowers are costly and challenging to grow, so, needless to say, they fetch a high price. Cannabis flowers comprise two essential compounds. One of them is Delta 9 THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD for cannabidiol. The cannabis industry is bustling, and people often create new strains and new versions of drugs. For avid consumers, this ensures that there is always something to look out for on the horizon; a new product or a better high. In recent days, the trend has been set on Delta 8 THC, which, in many ways, can be considered to be Delta 9 THC’s little brother.   

Much like its Delta 9 counterpart, Delta 8 THC is found naturally in hemp flowers. Though it is also found in limited quantities in cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa, it is not as powerful as Delta 9 THC. This means that its effect on the user’s senses is not as strong and intoxicating as its Delta 9 counterpart. Despite similar chemical makeup and composition, it does not provide the same high.   

CBD and Delta 9 THC are ubiquitous among all cannabis strains, while Delta 8 THC is found only in trace amounts, which constitutes less than one percent of the total composition of the plant or flower. The status of Delta 8 THC is not diminished by its insignificant proportions. However, it is now isolated and extracted from the plant and then produced its own Delta 8 flower.  

With the trend of Delta 8 on the rise, it will not be uncommon for you to find competitors vying for your attention and looking for you to buy their product. You must be careful in selection as much thought and consideration go into selecting and then purchasing it.  

Is it Marijuana or Hemp  

Hearing the word THC will probably always bring this into your mind- marijuana; however, that is, in fact, not the case with Delta 8. Contrary to contemporary belief, the Delta 8 THC is found in minimal quantities in cannabis plants, and since the concentration is so small, it is as though there is no at all. Trace amounts of Delta 8 have almost no effect on the user, and their presence in the smoke is unnoticeable. The compound present in marijuana is Delta 9 THC which is very different from Delta 8 THC. Well, first of all, Delta 8 comprises organic hemp flowers, unlike Delta 9 THC. Since Delta 8 is present in tiny quantities in marijuana, it has to be separately extracted and then processed to make a mix of it.   

How is Delta 8 Produced 

Since a high concentration of Delta 8 is required to produce Delta 8 THC, it is isolated chemically and then extracted from the marijuana plant. The Delta 8 flowers are produced by spraying the distillate of Delta 8 THC onto the CBD flowers. This is a straightforward yet very effective technique, as it can also lead to greater returns and hence more productivity.  

The Delta 8 THC is often prepared in a laboratory to keep the manufacturing process simple as it is usually cost-effective and more practical to produce it there. The first step in preparation is to ready the CBD flowers. Only the finest and best high-quality hemp flowers are selected for the process. The process involves trimming the sides and getting rid of the stem as far as possible. Then a Delta 8 THC distillate is prepared and sprayed onto the buds of the plant. The Delta 8 THC and CBD undergo a reaction because they share many of the same properties. The Delta 8 THC has to be applied layer by layer so that the buds give off a frostier look but, more importantly, so that the psychoactivity of the compound does not go stagnant. It is also essential to ensure that the distillate produced is viscous enough to adhere to the buds. Viscous is a measure of a fluid’s opposition to flow; for example, if water were to be sprayed onto the buds, it would drip right off. So, to increase the viscosity of the Delta 8 THC distillate, another compound, terpenes, is added. Finally, the flowers are placed in a centrifuge like a machine known as the tumbler. It serves to mix up the buds at a slow speed so that the distillate is evenly distributed across each one of them. Then, a final spray of Delta 8 THC is atomized and misted over the flowers.  

The Common Effect of Delta 8 THC    

The Delta 8 THC is, in many ways, very similar to the Delta 9 THC found in cannabis/marijuana. For instance, they both provide pure mental and physical relaxation and have been found to alleviate pain in both muscles and joints. It has also been credited as having reduced the symptoms of upset stomachs and has brought back the appetite of those who lost it, perhaps from some ailment or otherwise. Some of its staggering effects also encompass that it gives off a mild buzz when used. It is not as potent as the Delta 9 THC when it comes to dealing with mental faculties; the user is, to a great extent, still in possession of his wits and has his bearings about him. It will suppress all physical contingencies as you would expect a THC to, but its effect on the brain and the decision-making ability of the mind is still very much unchanged. This is what, as many users will claim, takes away the sensation of getting high, and it is as though only their bodies have become prone and relaxed, but their mind is still very much alert. This, to an extent, will limit its ability to help those who use products to help them cope with anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, etc. That’s not to say that it does not suppress mental faculties; it does, just not to a noticeable extent, the way Delta 9 THC does. However, if you have a low THC tolerance, this drug could be all you need to get the high you need. This is especially useful for those looking to get a few puffs in but without the severity of dosage usually delivered by marijuana.  

How Does CBD Affect the Levels of THC   

There has been much research conducted on the relationship between THC and CBD. In some cases, people will use CBD to reduce the intoxication effect of THC or, in other words, get rid of the high. The relationship between these two compounds is much more dynamic and far more complicated than that. The tests carried out by scientists always turn out indecisive, inconclusive, and inconsistent at the end of the day. For many, the use of CBD can get them off of the effects of THC, but in some people, it has been known to have aggravated the potency and the effect of the THC. As a result of this fallacy, let’s examine how CBD and THC behave in the body on a molecular level.  

The first mechanism is simple and explains how many people can effectively use THC to control, limit, or eliminate their high. The process follows a pharmacokinetic reaction mechanism in which molecules of CBD enter the body and inhibit the production of enzymes used to metabolize THC. An enzyme is a biological catalyst used to speed up the rate of a reaction in the body. If the production of these enzymes is ceased, then the THC will not be synthesized and will remain in the body; useless and will eventually be secreted.  

The second reaction mechanism is a bit more complicated. It is also an explanation as to why some people can shrug off the stoned feeling by consuming some CBD. This one involves the concept of receptors. When a molecule is introduced in the body, for example, a serotonin or dopamine molecule, to have a physiological effect on the body, it has to be bound to a receptor that can exacerbate or assist its effect. These receptors are very particular about which compounds they bind with, and so each combination has a specific receptor in the body. However, this might not be the case with the CDD and the THC molecules. Their effect is only felt when they are bound to the CB1 receptor. By the fundamental principles of pharmacodynamics, the CBD molecules bind to the receptors and thus leave the THC molecules stranded, nullifying their effect.  

In the third study, the prospect that one of the compounds significantly increases the potency of the other is covered. It is the exact converse of the previous explanation. In fact, in this case, the molecule of CBD controls the sensitivity of THC by combining itself with a different receptor. This is when the myrcene terpene combines itself with the GABA-A receptor, thereby acting as a sedative and increasing drowsiness in the user. It could also be that the CBD attaches to another receptor to play the role of serotonin in the body and leave the other CB1 receptors vacant for the THC and hence increasing the effect of the high.  

Numerous studies are still being conducted and even more to determine when the compounds should be taken. A recent experiment on mice showed that when the CBD was administered to them before the THC, it enhanced the potency of the THC, and its levels in the blood were higher than they would otherwise have been. So, this means that the administration time and the half-lives of the compounds in the body also play a vital role in determining the relationship between CBD and THC.  

The Medical Benefits of Taking Delta 8  

The use of Delta 8 provides a host of physical and mental benefits in some capacity to the user. The effect is also a direct consequence of the potency and the dosage of the compound administered.  

Though there is a tiny difference in the effects of both Delta 8 and Delta 9, in the world of atoms and chemistry, even a minor change can be the catalyst for a complete makeover of the compound. For example, sodium is a shiny metal that can easily be cut with a knife. On the other hand, chlorine is a very toxic and poisonous gas. However, when you combine both of them, you get something completely different; an unreactive molecule called sodium chloride or, in other words, table salt.   

So, despite being different, Delta 8 shares a lot in common with its Delta 9 counterpart; when it comes to the effect both have on the mind and body. Delta 8, to be used as a mild sedative, has profound implications for its use as a medicinal drug and as a treatment for certain psychological conditions. It can assist and alleviate the symptoms of certain psychological diseases. These diseases have no outward or visible symptoms (such as inflammation and high temperature) but only exist in patients’ heads. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder. It is beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of depression because, predominantly, depression is caused by an imbalance of serotonin in the body. Since the receptors activated or promoted with Delta 8 are linked to serotonin, it is a great step to combat depression. The use of Delta 8 does not promote the mind’s fixation on a particular aspect of life or matter but rather disperse the attention and allows a person’s mind to wander freely. This will undoubtedly aid those prone to overthink, panic, mania, melancholy, and, of course, paranoia. The most debilitating disorder it is ideally suited to treat is mild to severe cases of insomnia; it’s very smooth and calm drift towards unconsciousness makes this a perfect fit for those sleepless nights.  

It is also perfect for some physiological diseases. It releases tension in the body and muscles, making it ideal for treating aches and pains and certain psychosomatic illnesses, such as intermittent tremors in the limbs. Also, Delta 8 minor, or relatively lesser-known, side effect of inducing hunger makes this a suitable option for those recovering from illnesses and ailments that often make an individual lose their appetites, such as chemotherapy or abstinence. 

How do you Take Delta 8?  

There are numerous ways you can use Delta 8, despite it being relatively new on the market. A variety of products exist that allow you to indulge and satisfy your deep-seated fixation for a high. Firstly, there are the classic CBD hemp flowers coated with Delta 8 THC, straight from the lab where they were made.   

There are also pre-rolled joints available in the market with around one gram potency of Delta 8. for those looking for a bit more kick, there are also cannagars which are cigars for cannabis. These heavy-duty cigars will contain anywhere from 3.5 grams to 7 grams of Delta 8 THC. This dosage itself is potent, but for experienced and frequent users; who have a high threshold for THC, there is always the option of concentrates and vapes. These modern takes on the drug can be satisfying, even more than smoking in some cases and could be an excellent way to ease off after a long day.  

What to Look for When Buying Delta 8 THC  

There are vendors out there looking to make a mint off those who want to buy their product. With the rise in popularity of the Delta 8 THC compound, it is no surprise that the market will be filled with people selling it. However, shopping for drugs, especially online, is a problematic endeavour. So you should ensure that you take every possible precaution so that you do not end up being fleeced for a quality product or being tricked into buying cheap quality goods, which will ruin the entire experience of the high. Here are some of the things that you should be on the lookout for before buying the product.  


The number one thing that you should be on the lookout for reliable brands that sell the product is their transparency or willingness to open up about their lab testing, manufacturing processes, or growing processes (if they grow the cannabis). Research has found that companies that are more open to the customers have a higher chance of being authentic and have better quality goods.  

They will also always have a user-friendly website to leave legitimate reviews and give honest feedback on their product. They will also incentivize the user by providing them with free shipping, a hundred percent satisfaction rate, and a money-back guarantee if the product is not up to the mark promised by the company.  

They are also open about their policies and have faith that they are selling what; they have confidence in their product and ensure its purity and safety (for consumption, of course)  


The next of the significant aspects to keep in mind before going shopping is the ingredients that the company uses. Ask yourself the following questions: is it pure? Is it standardized? Is it too potent? Ingredients play a vital role in assessing the quality of products being sold by a company. It might happen that, on some occasions, certain companies will add allergens or supplements and contaminants to boost their products. Also, assess the purity of the cannabis by reading the ingredients section of the packet very carefully; then, you can judge its efficacy. 

Extraction and Manufacturing Process 

Since much of the Delta 8 THC comes from laboratory-produced hemp strains, it becomes a genuine concern for an individual that the product they buy has been produced in a safe and chemically inert environment. The strain they wish to purchase is clean and free from impurities. Securing Delta 8 THC from flowers is a lengthy and complicated process that requires a lot of technical procedures such as distilling, extracting, isolating, and refining. If carried out clumsily or without standardization, these processes could lead to the quality and purity of the product being compromised and the addition of harmful chemicals. Always check these aspects of the brand before deciding what to buy to make sure you buy the highest quality products.

Third-Party Lab Testing  

One of the best ways to verify the authenticity of the product you are buying is to read the reviews of the third-party lab samples that have been tested, analyzed, and then quantitatively assessed. These will provide valuable and unbiased, impartial, and fair feedback on the quality, consistency, purity, and efficacy of the product in question. Sometimes, the company authorized a third-party analysis should sign that they are confident in their development and take full responsibility for any deficit that might be present therein. Many companies that send their product out for testing by third-party groups usually boast their status by presenting a certificate of analysis or COA on their website to ensure that the consumer understands that they are the real deal.  

These authentications help promote brand loyalty and give you the chance to check and judge the concentrations of various compounds, their potency, and their purity by yourself. When buying Delta 8 THC, you can ensure the concentrations of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC and check for any allergens, impurities, or any other harmful chemicals.  

User Reviews  

This is one of the easiest and the most widely available options to authenticate whether what you are buying is a quality product or not. We learn from the experiences of others is an old proverb that finds a good meaning here. Customers are the kings at the end of the day, and great care should be taken to ensure their satisfaction. Many product reviews you find online will have customer reviews from the lowest rating to the highest rating. Your intuition will help you judge which user reviews are authentic and which ones are just hated posting by rival brands. An excellent way to figure this out is by checking what proportion of people left what review. If 90% of people left a 5-star review out of a hundred people, then suffice it to say, the product must be good; but always do your research.  

User reviews are also an honest way for people to know what they liked about the product and what they didn’t like. The companies, of course, will never let you in on the latter. It is always worthwhile to aim for brands with a little more to offer, such as faster delivery, better customer care, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and brand offers and deals.  

It is the brand’s responsibility to look after the needs of their clientele if they want to thrive in a competitive market. They should always have a return policy and one that governs the exchange or the refund in case of damaged goods. This will boost the number of satisfied customers.  

The Best Selection Procedure 

The best way to decide which brand you want to buy from comes down to taking all of these small factors into consideration. To make the best choice, you should always do your research and develop your ideal list of brands within your affordable price range. The Delta 8 is not marijuana, and it is legal in almost all states and can be purchased online very quickly.

Where do You Find the Best Delta 8  

Are you looking to find the best Delta 8 you can get your hands on? Well, you are in luck because you can head on over to CannaClear. On the other hand, if you are not in the mood for Delta 8’s standard joint, you can check out the flavourless Delta 8 THC spray. If not, there are plenty of options for you, such as the Alpen Gleaux Indoor CBD and the Delta 8 infused flower.

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