Looking for help with formulation math? We have you covered! This calculator helps you calculate your own batches. Primarily it’s designed to work with tinctures but it can also be used for terpene infusion!

Percentage Calculator

Formulation / Tincture Calculator

EG: 1000 for a 1000 gram batch total.
EG: 30 for a 30g bottle. This is the size of the bottle the final mixture will go into.
The desired amount of cannabinoids per 1 gram of mixed material. EG: 50 = 50mg of cannabinoids per 1g of mixed material
EG: 99 for 99% CBD isolate. This number will change to a fraction on input for calculation!
EG: 3 for 3% or 7 for 7%. This also can be used to calculate terpenes. (Not required).

– grams
amount of cannabinoids in grams required to reach desired concentration of batch

– grams
amount of MCT oil, or other oils that would be needed in grams.

– grams
amount of flavorant/terpenes needed in grams

– total units
maximum total number of units producible assuming zero waste.

– mg per unit
total MG per each unit

– mg / gram
amount of active cannabinoids per gram in total batch.
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Blend calculator coming soon!